Saturday, 4 February 2012

Skate Badly Every Day in February - Day 4

Snow was forecast so got up and out for an early Cretesham. It was minus6degC when I left home, -7.5 showed on the car thermometer down the M4 and -4.5 when I arrived in Corsham.

The park was deserted but nice and dry. There was frost on the top of the flat back and on the coping on the small quarters. And it was ferkin bitterly cold.

Spent an hour rollin or droppin in, rock'n'roll on the very small quarter and generally skooting about. I didn't get warm at all. Managed to slam droppin in on the smallest quarter in the park. Proper over the front job but rolled out. Twat.

After an hour the skooter kids started to arrive and swarms were turning up as I drove away. Just timed it right.

Day 5 is weather dependent - dry might be an evening Cretesham, wet will be the DoomRamp.


  1. hellstoof man! you're dedicated! not skated up in Notts for well over a week...getting phantom limb syndrome in me legs a bit...bit of fettlin' on the bantam though, so it balances out...good work with skate everyday in february and hope the doom ramp finds a bigger home soon!

  2. Cheers Dave. SBEDF isn't really my idea - look for the Lizard In A Labcoat blog. It was all Scotts fault;-) Kinda getting to enjoy the DoomRamp now so maybe I won't move it...