Sunday, 8 April 2012


Wanted something to do while I'm at Great Yarmouth for the station outage. I'm there for the next six weeks.

I've got my skootplank, I can go swimming, but that still leaves me open to abuse the hotel bar.

So, when I was in Stroud a couple of weeks ago I saw this for sale:-

Went back yesterday and bought it. Its a 2005 Squier Jazz Bass Standard, Indonesias finest. And pretty cheap too.

When I tried it out the neck action was shocking but I thought it probably needs the truss rod adjusting. No, the strings were so tight that they were bowing the neck. Tuning it properly, with a bit of bridge and truss rod adjustment and it plays real nice. Very different sound to the Rickenbacker 4001 I have. Sweet geetaar.

Gotta get my funk on now;-)