Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Fork Links

Finally got on with making fork links for my 1920 Ariel.

Early marking out and cutting from 1/4" plate:-

Hacksawing off as much steel as possible after chain drilling:-

Built to Grind:-

Just needing final shaping:-

Monday, 2 September 2013

Ireland Mon Amour

Its been a long time since I did the Irish National rally. 2006 was the last time. A chance conversation in January had me seeking an entry form.

The event has moved since I was last there from Kenmare to Killarney, both in Kerry.

The trip there was eventful mainly because we nearly missed the ferry in Pembroke Dock, the ramp being lifted before we had opened the van doors. Lots of beer in Rosslare then a van trip across to Killarney the next day was fairly uneventful.

On the Monday we took a ride out, with my bike only making it the 200 yards to the petrol station before I had to wield the spanners and Dens timing slipping on the AJS only a mile or so further on.

Bike fixings:-
My Ariel waiting:-
We headed to Kilmacalogue and to Teddy OSullivans pub for refreshment:-
Then headed back via the Healy Pass where the warm up for the freewheeling competition occurred:-

The rally consists of four days of riding with routes of around 140 miles a day over some very rough tracks and mountain roads. Despite the road surfaces being much improved since I was last there, they can still rearrange your spine on a rigid bike.

Some nice machinery was entered:-

Brough Superior (there was five or six on the rally)

A brace of 30s Ariel Red Hunters

Vincent (there was a few of them too)

Dave Millers Trump veteran (stupidly fast bike, and pre WW1)
A brace of Nortons:-

Dennis and his 1913 Rex:-
A 1913 Sun Precision:-

BSA v-twin:-
Dennis had his 1913 Rex at the rally:-
And we visited many a pub during the course of the week:-

The Blue Loo at Glengariffe:-

The Climbers Inn:-

Some random pub in Cahersiveen:-

The weather was sunny all week, which is unusual for Ireland. This is the view from the hotel restaurant:-

So five days of riding bikes, drinking loads of Guinness and eating three solid meals a day - its not an easy rally. But it is excellent fun. Met loads of folks I hadn't seen in ages and made some new friends including Tore from Norway, who is the new freewheeling champion having got past An Sibin and onto the bridge down form the Healy. Amazing. And Izzy, the daughter of German friends doing the rally for the first time aged 16. And very well she did too.

On the way back we stopped in Passage East for a pint and saw this:-

Irish randomness.

Looking forward to the next trip.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Busy Weekend

Started on Friday in Kent at the War and Peace Revival - a new show? Or one which has moved about 40 miles from Hop Farm? Dunno but it was bloody huge. And very hot.

There was plenty to see and plenty to buy.

Kettenkrad for sale (I daren't ask the price...)

Germans making ready to kick the Americans butt in the mock battle (yeah it is a load of old fanny but they seem to have fun):-

Some of the re-enactors take it a bit seriously...

Nice Kubelwagen:-

ME109 replica:-

There was some `Peace' stuff there too:-

Mercury Cougar was nice:-

And a nicely patinated 20s or maybe 30s Harley. Spot of WD40 should sort it out:-

And a lovely Chevy pickup (I wanted to take this home):-

Surprisingly there were a lot of vintage clothes stalls there, and more Hawaiian shirts than I've seen in a long while.

A very good day out.

Saturday me and Matt went to look at this:-

Its a 1972 VW Type 2 `Bay Window' camper with a watercooled Audi 80 engine transplant.

The inside is a bit 1970s Hammer Horror:-

It has a Westphalia camper interior with rock'n'roll bed. All a bit dated but ain't that why people buy 1970s campers?
The arse end:-
Anyhow, after a good hour or so of prodding and poking and a bit of a ride out we did a deal and its coming to live with me. Apparently its called Toby. Not too sure about naming vehicles myself but we'll see how we get on.
And then today I went out on this around the Vale of the White Horse:-
Its only a month til Ireland and I've only done 10 miles on her since changing the rings and adding an oil ring. I needed to know that all was well. So, 70 miles later, no nipping up, and next to no oil consumed. Success!

Huw was riding his 1912 Ariel TT:-
Lovely bike and it goes like stink.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Binna Rong Time

Since I did owt on this blog, so here goes yet another update:-

Been out and about a lot. Went to Switzerland, which was shite, but mainly Tilbury, Great Yarmouth and Pembroke.

The Pembroke job has allowed me to get in a lot more surf time, cos I need time in the water to improve. Now I'm catching bigger waves I find I'm not popping up quickly enough. Need to figure out this sitting on the board lark too.


And Coney Beach at Porthcawl:-

My first time at Coney and it turned out to be a good un. Nice waves but more crowded that I am used to. And I was a bit shagged out after battling with the Newgale froth.

Been out doing the stuntplank with Bob, Wayner, Ricker and the Cretesham Boyos, also used the DoomRamp a lot more:-

Sunny Cretesham 2:-

Even managed to have a decent slam, twatting my knee, elbow and wrist all in one go:-

Went to TankFest as well, which was good but bloody hot:-

I've fixed up the old 1930 Ariel now - all back together and running. Need to put a few miles on the old girl before I head off to Ireland in August (and change the ancient back tyre too).

About a month ago I saw a push bike in a skip. It looked OK so I asked if I could have it. Gave it a wash, wiped off the caked on oil and crud and rode it to work the next day:-

The legendary 5-speed Raleigh Pacer. The tyres could be better but hold air so I'll leave it til they fall apart. Just needs some handlebar tape. Total cost - about 3 quid. Bargain! Check out the old skool lighting rig.

So bang up to date - today its ferking boiling and I have free time so I rode the SkipRacer into Swindon, did a bit of browsing round the charidee shops and bought some records:-

A motley collection indeed but I like em. The Van Halen 12" is as good as new.

I even rode up to Old Town, which on the SkipRacer is like a Category 1 climb on the Tour de France. In Old Town there is a good off-licence, so I got a couple of bottles for later:-

And now its decision time - into the garage and get fettling the old nails, go out for a ride on the 30, or head up to the DoomRamp for a roll in a boiling hot garage....hmmm....or do fuck all.

Monday, 1 April 2013

1920 Ariel

Had a shed load of work done on my 1920 Ariel White and Poppe engine. the casings were shot undeneath so I've had them welded up (no mean feat on 90 year old ally), and while Chris was at it, new big end (needle roller instead of the standard bronze cos that was shagged), new main bearing and timing side bush (also shagged), and because of the new big end we needed to change the conrod and piston, and also bored and sleeved the old barrel to suit.

Big thanks to Chris O for his patience and expertise. Spose I'd better get on with the chassis parts now.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Joy Division 1979

I can remember watching this clip round a mates house around Christmas 1979. Had a huge influence on us then, and probably still does now.


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Stuff n Stuff

Been up to this and that over the last few months but generally can't be arsed to blog it, so heres a kinda summary:-

Went to the Crazy Horse Rally in January - cracking weekend in the Forest of Dean and thankfully not ferkin freezing this time (unlike the following weekend). The Velo packed and ready to go:-

It did its usual refusal to start routine, but we got it going. Seems a bit down on power too - need to check the timing.

I've been making fork links for my 1920 Ariel. I have the headstock parts and the girders, but no links.
Marked out and holes drilled - starting to chain drill each link out (cutting 1/4" steel plate would take forever):-

Progress so far:-

Went to the Telford Offroad Show with Heath - loads and loads of cracking trials irons to be seen, including a rare display of desirable Ariels (couple of VCH's and an HT5):-

There was also some nice ex-works racers:-

Did some of the skateboard in Cretesham, MSN and the Doomramp:-

Even went to Porthcawl and did a surfboard on my new Roger Cooper mini mal (which was feckin brilliant and made all the difference):-

I went to the VMCC autojumble at Shepton Mallett with Huw and Dave where there were a few more nice trials irons and a sweet Sunbeam project:-

And in more recent news, I've booked a trip to Ireland in August on the 1930 Ariel, so I need to find out why its using so much oil. I whipped the barrel of today to see what the piston looks like. As suspected its a two compression ring piston (no oil scraper):-

And its got chunky munkee 1/8" rings

Changing one of these for a scraper ring should reduce oil consumption significantly.

This bike has a blind barrel (head and barrel in one):-
Oddly enough the piston already had oilway drillings - I think someone has been here before me...

The engine parts on this bike are all chunky - 1" gudgeon pin showing end pads (no circlips on this bike):-

Need to get the old girl back together and some miles done before Ireland.