Sunday, 22 March 2015

Magnetos - Part 2

So I stripped my magneto. This is the armature:-
I needed to get into the non-drive end to remove the old capacitor and rewire, but the screws wouldn't budge. Cue an hour fannying about with a pillar drill drilling them out. Once in bits it was fairly easy to snip the condenser and wire the LT coil to earth and live. Reassembled and tested with a 3mm plug gap - big blue sparks. Result!
Now to fit it back on the bike.

Friday, 20 March 2015

This n That

Had a couple of days off so Ive been working on the van and the bikes.

Done an oil change and a bit more welding. Underseal going on (me and the VW...).

While I was waiting for oil to drain I cracked on with my 50's Ariel frame. Welded a bead around the head races to get them out
And fixed the broken seat bracket
Slowly getting the hang of this welding lark. 
Next was the Fantic rear brake. How it was:-
The previous owner was using the bike on the road so had forward pegs. Bit of cutting with my faithful angle grinder:-
Then weld it back together:-
Of course it wasnt that simple. The pedal is hollow so I blew a hole in it and had to plate it. Now back on the bike:-
Felt like a summers day:-
Of course the VW is now refusing to start and blowing fuses.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Return to Trials

Had a ride out today on the Fantic. Been a long time since I've ridden a trials bike. Met Heath at the Zona 1 practice ground, set out and rode a few section, took the carb to bits (well, Heath did) and had a cracking time. The Fantic rides really well but I need to lighten the clutch.

In its natural environment:-

Me mid section:-
Heath on his Beta:-
And on my Fantic:-
Hearh 'taking it easy':-
Few more jobs to do on the bike then back out on it.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Fantic Fettling

Did a few jobs on the Fantic today.

First off was to fit a kill switch and tidy away the lights wiring to under the tank:-
After a bit of fannying around I figured out which wire was which. Works a treat.

The front brake had been modified, so I decided to go back to original. This is how it was with the brake arm forward:-
 And the cable running in front of the fork leg:-
And how it should be :-
There is actually a hole for the cable in the lower fork yokes:-
Far neater and less likely to get twatted by rocks and trees.

Fitted some new grips and a number board too.
Would have changed the fork dust seals cos the old ones are cracking but I found that my forks are actually 35mm not the 32mm I was expecting so the covers I got at Telford don't fit.

Got a few more jobs to do - change the rear tyre, modify the rear brake pedal, but its rideable now.

Keeping my sponsors happy :-)