Monday, 25 April 2011


The mini is finished and ready to rock. Walls are painted white, which should show the blood nicely.

Had my first proper roll there today - first pumping up the transition from the flat just to see how it rides. Been a while since I've had to do that, since I learned to drop in anyways. Managed a few sketchy kickturns a way up the transition but it rides pretty well. I was a bit concerned that the middle section isn't the best join but it makes no difference.

So, time to drop in - there is more head clearance at the far end of the garage so I tried that first. Drop, accelerate, bloody hell!! Dropping in - no problem, being fired at the other transition like a bastard cannon ball - a tad more difficult. Fookin fast as fast. Kinell.

It'll make me a better skater or kill me.

Pot Hunter

The Ariel Club wanted my 1913 TT Ariel on the show stand at Stafford. Imagine my surprise when it won 2nd Place in the Veteran class - can't have been many vets there this year...