Friday, 30 November 2012


The 54 Velo was looking shabby round the arse end. Too many winters and not enough oil leaks (no, really). So before this years winter activities I thought that it needed a spruce up (meaning a liberal covering in black Smoothrite).

The back end now looking a lot tidier:-

Rear wheel also saw the lick of the paint brush:-
And most of the rear carrier has been painted:-

Chainguard bracket has been welded back on (more weld than parent metal but I do love welding and grinding):-

Box of bits to be refitted:-

Things to be painted:-

Black - the colour a motorcycle should be.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Mind the Generation....Gap

I love 70s skateboards and have amassed a small collection of fairly battered Alvas, Benjyboards and a Fibreflex, all completes with various ACS and Tracker trucks and Road Rider and Kryptonic wheels. All of which I lusted after back in the day. But what was attainable, but never was attained, was a Supa Skuda. I've seen em on Ebay fetching stupid prices (for a cacky old low grade skoot plank). Imagine my surprise to see this little beauty for only £8 BIN:-

It was collection only. Would they post? Yes they would and at a very reasonable rate. So deal done and I wait for the parcel to arrive.

What turned up was a very nice example of a Supa Skuda. Its been used but its not battered to death.

Skinny trucks:-

And loose bearing wheels:-

Now I know that I was a lot smaller when I was 11, but this thing is tiny. Here it is next to my current stunt plank (Creature Stu Graham):-

How the hell did we ride them back then?