Friday, 29 March 2013

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Joy Division 1979

I can remember watching this clip round a mates house around Christmas 1979. Had a huge influence on us then, and probably still does now.


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Stuff n Stuff

Been up to this and that over the last few months but generally can't be arsed to blog it, so heres a kinda summary:-

Went to the Crazy Horse Rally in January - cracking weekend in the Forest of Dean and thankfully not ferkin freezing this time (unlike the following weekend). The Velo packed and ready to go:-

It did its usual refusal to start routine, but we got it going. Seems a bit down on power too - need to check the timing.

I've been making fork links for my 1920 Ariel. I have the headstock parts and the girders, but no links.
Marked out and holes drilled - starting to chain drill each link out (cutting 1/4" steel plate would take forever):-

Progress so far:-

Went to the Telford Offroad Show with Heath - loads and loads of cracking trials irons to be seen, including a rare display of desirable Ariels (couple of VCH's and an HT5):-

There was also some nice ex-works racers:-

Did some of the skateboard in Cretesham, MSN and the Doomramp:-

Even went to Porthcawl and did a surfboard on my new Roger Cooper mini mal (which was feckin brilliant and made all the difference):-

I went to the VMCC autojumble at Shepton Mallett with Huw and Dave where there were a few more nice trials irons and a sweet Sunbeam project:-

And in more recent news, I've booked a trip to Ireland in August on the 1930 Ariel, so I need to find out why its using so much oil. I whipped the barrel of today to see what the piston looks like. As suspected its a two compression ring piston (no oil scraper):-

And its got chunky munkee 1/8" rings

Changing one of these for a scraper ring should reduce oil consumption significantly.

This bike has a blind barrel (head and barrel in one):-
Oddly enough the piston already had oilway drillings - I think someone has been here before me...

The engine parts on this bike are all chunky - 1" gudgeon pin showing end pads (no circlips on this bike):-

Need to get the old girl back together and some miles done before Ireland.