Sunday, 5 June 2011

Lets Be Friends

Time I made friends with the DoomRamp:-

Dropping in from the low roof side was interesting the first time but seems OK. Theres a roof beam a bit close to the platform but I didn't hit it so it must be OK.

I started dropping in and running off, then riding a bit up the transition and running off, then wheels over the coping and hitting the wall with the nose then jumping off and finally a kinda halfhearted turn, then jumping off. So progress of a sort. Felt good though and thats what its supposed to be about.

Adventures in Gearboxes

Made more progress putting the 28 Ariel gearbox together.

Got the front casing fitted as its now repaired. All the gears change now I've assembled it correctly. All studs are present and correct.

Gearbox with the end casing fitted showing the kickstart mechanism and gearchange lever (its a 3 speed handchange Burman Q-box)

I filled the gearbox up with a mixture of moly grease and 50wt oil. You can see one of the gears on the mainshaft and the change mechanism all covered is grease.

Just waiting for some of the painted bits to dry and it should be finished. Next is the engine.