Saturday, 31 December 2011

Friday, 30 December 2011

Carburettor Lore

As I said in an earlier post - the throttle stop screw threads in the carb body would be knackered. And lo, it came to pass. Feckin great.

I have carb spares (as most old bike riders do), including a spare 276 carb body. So I dug it out, checked the threads (yeah, surprised aren't you) and got the poking wire and ultrasonic cleaner off the shelf.

Replacement 276 carb body being cleaned:-

I stripped the old 276 carb so all the settings are right in the new one. My 276 carb in bits:-

Replacing the brass carb block in the body I managed to split the bottom threads.....

Plan B - oversized screw into throttle stop on original carb body - recut the threads by forcing the screw in a bit at a time. Job done.

Bodged but working - welcome to the real world of old bikes.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Day 2 - Velocette

So today I did manage to get out of my pit and swim. And yes it was hard work.

Today is Velocette Day - time to give the old girl a looking at as she still won't start easily and last time I was out on her she was running a bit rough.

My 1954 Velocette MAC:-

The bit of wood under the centre stand is because the wheels still touch the ground when its on the centre stand due to a hamfisted recovery man and his ratchet straps.

As usual I kicked and kicked and nowt happened. Checked the spark - nice and blue. So I tickled the carb just a little bit and she burst into life (which is much better than bursting into flames). But there was a lot of popping and banging and spitting back through the carb.

MOT checks seemed to be OK. All lights work and theres nowt wrong with the chassis and wheels.

Of course, what normally happens happened - pulled the nipple of the valve lifter cable.


Time to check out the carb - must be running weak if its spitting.

The AMAL 276 carburettor - those of you familar with old junk will note that there is something missing:-

Yup - the throttle stop screw has fallen out. No wonder it was running a bit lean. Ho hum.

And as always, it'll be the threads in the carb which are knackered not the throttle stop screw - but I won't know that til I buy a new one.

More fun tomorrow.

Monday, 19 December 2011

1913 Ariel TT

First day of my holidays and I failed to get up to go swimming. But I didn't fail to do some spannering.

My TT Ariel has always leaked oil onto the drive belt, which is a really bad thing if you want forward motion. Huw had investigated and found a breather hole in similar crankcases to mine, so I thought I'd take a look and give the old girl a quick check-up before getting an MOT.

This is the timing chest with the cams removed - the big brass plug below the crank pinion is the breather.

There is a hole directly below it, which on my bike was plugged with a cheeseheaded screw. This is it without the screw blocking the hole:-

Now, I can't really tell if its breathing through this hole with the timing cover open. I poked a wire up the hole and there wasn't anything blocking it. Refitting the timing gear and sealing the case and I can hear the engine beathing from the hole - wonder if it'll make any difference. Only time will tell.

Timing cover and cams:-

I also replaced the Brammer belt with the T-link belt I used before.

My garage is too full:-

One you drink, one removes gaskets - you choose.

A 1913 gearbox:-