Friday, 31 January 2014

Happy New Year.

As ever, its taken an age to post again. So, another summary to bring it up to date:-

Went to the bike show at the NEC in November. A pretty good day out all in all. Kevs RGV was nice.

In January we had the usual Ariel Club Crazy Horse Rally in Parkend, Forest of Dean. This isn't an Ariel:-
Think the Velocette needs some looking it. It was seriously down on power going up hills. Even Welch on a 150cc MZ overtook me. Time to whip the head off for a look I think.

Since starting my projects in Pembroke I've taken advantage of the opportunity to do more surfing. Not particularly improved but its fun at least. this is Rest Bay in Porthcawl which is a stop off on the way to Pembrokeshire:-

Also started to use the Doomramp a bit more. Its costing too much to be sat unused:-
Bought a set of new reissue red Kryptonics:-

Had the brakes on the VW apart too - still not right despite fettling and bleeding. The master cylinder seems OK but the servo was shagged. Stiff as hell compared to a new one and full of rust:-

And finally, last weekend, I bought a guitar off Julian Cope. A cherry red 1967 Gibson ES335 12 string. One of my heroes, it was really spooky to meet him in person and buy a guitar which had been used on Wilder, Saint Julian and a number of other albums and tours.

Still buzzin about that one really.