Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sunday, 21 March 2010

This Week I Have Mostly Been Eating....

Veteran Maintenance

The last time I used my 1913 TT Ariel was the Slievenamon Rally in Ireland in 2008. On the way back to Rosslare we thrashed the bikes down the main road from Wexford after one or two drinks, and my bike got very very hot and lost power. So I thought I'd best take the top end off and have a look before I use it again. Just as well I did.

This is the piston:-

Its a big cast iron lump with a solid floating gudgeon pin. It should have small brass pads on the end of the gudgeon pit to prevent the barrel being scored. Mine had two very small blobs of melted brass. Fortunately there is only very minor scoring on the barrel. Very lucky indeed.

The piston with new pads:-

Just need to put it back together now for the MOT.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Marlborough Skatepark - Progress

Looks like its nearly done (BMXers obviously can't read the signs)

New Stick

Set up the Flip Lance Mountain deck today. Gaffer-inspired grip job. I set it up with the shorter wheelbase option, about 5/8" shorter than the Flip Bob Burnquist I was riding before. Might be a mistake but I'll see how it feels. Easy enough to change.

Flip Lance Mountain deck (8.5" wide), 149 Stage 10 Indys, 60mm Cortechs:-

A Grand Day Out

Seeing as the weather has been great me, Bobster and Gaffer went out for a wee skate this Saturday. We did the new park in Keynsham, then St Georges and the Deaner in Brizzle, joined at the Deaner by Habgood and Samjebusblokechappiefella.

Grand day, grand weather and three parks I haven't been to before. Brand new and proper old skool. And the first sunburn of the year. The joys of ginnerness.
Joe slides while Bob waves his weapon:-

Hooded man departs at speed:-

Hairy Jebus in flow (shouldn't you be revising?):-

Sham Hunter

Saw this in Melksham:-

Thursday, 4 March 2010


Nice evening skate at Hengrove last night with The Bob, Gaffer and Ricker. Cold but lots of fun.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

This Week I Have Mostly Been Listening To....


In 1980 Crass started to produce a series of compliations of unknown bands called Bullshit Detector. Me and my mates had a gash garage band. None of us could play but we were enthusiastic. I dropped a note to Crass asking if we could send a tape, which we never did. I got a reply with some Crass stuff including these two button badges:-