Sunday, 10 July 2016

1920 Ariel Brakeplate

Since having the bright idea of using motocross front wheels for my 20 Ariel (cos they are 21", allow mw to fit wired on tyres and allow me a small drum brake) I've been struggling to fit the wheel to the narrow girder forks. The Japanese brakeplate, being alloy, is too thick. So Ive made my own from 5mm steel plate to use the old Japanese internals. Kinda pleased how its turned out.
And with the brake boss welded on and the internals added:-
Should do the job.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Catching up - I rode the 1913 Ariel to the Prescott Bike Festival a month or so ago. Not been out on it properly since 2009. It went really well with the bigger jet and proper engine breathing at last.

Cumbrian Fun

Went up to Millers and did the Round Cumbria on the old Ariel. Loads of pies, beer and laughs. Which is what its about.