Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Sunday, 16 March 2014

1920 Airyole

In an unprecedented burst of blogging frenzy, and with an afterthought of `who the fuck reads all this shite anyway', I have finished my 1920 Ariel fork links and decided to check that the fork blades I got from Australia actually look somewhere to close to being the right dimensions.

They needs a couple of spacers but generally look good. They are the right length and everything. Need to get on and make some fork spindles now.

(and for those that care, the stuntplank trolley is a PP Caballero Dragon and Bats)

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Hunt for the Missing Compression

Last time I was out on the 1954 Velocette MAC it was pitifully slow, and uphill it really struggled. Being overtaken by Welch on an MZ 150 was the last straw.

A compression test revealed all of 50psi. Valve clearances aren't tight, so apart it came.

Taking this bike to bits is easy. I have stripped it so many times when I was having main bearing problems that I can have it down in no time.

Popped the valves out of the head.

No real signs of damage. Valve guides are good too. Probably need lapping in but thats easy enough.

Need to pop the piston off the conrod and check wear and ring gaps in the barrel

Other than some carbon the piston looks OK. No burning or seize marks. Barrel is unmarked too.

So I reckon a top end tidy up and some new rings and we'll be back in MZ beating business.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Bikes and Cars and Stuff

In amongst the stress of having my job at risk, applying for other jobs in the company, and a really stressful period with the current projects at work I have been out and about. Not too much stunt planking or surfing cos of the weather, but mainly cars and bikes stuff:-

Went to the Bristol Classic Bike Show with Dave and Wayne-ur. Loads of nice bikes to look at, but I see so many British bikes that the ones which caught my eye weren't:-

Suzuki RG250 Gamma and Yam 350LC

When we dropped Wayne off he showed us his Yam IT250, shortly to be raced, but reluctant to start. But we got it going...
Next was the Off Road Show in Telford with Heath. Again, there were loads of great bikes and I am tempted back to trials on a twinshock, particularly after seeing the Bultaco display:-

Did some work on the VeeDub brakes. Bought a new servo (off a Brazillian Type 2) which apparently needs `four new holes drilling in the mounting bracket'. Yeah - if the bracket is wide enough, which it isn't.

The new servo:-
The metal plate can be used as a template for drilling new mounting holes:-
But as the new holes go over the side of the old mounting plate I made up a plate to mount it:-
Progressing towards finishing now - plate is made and I am waiting for paint to dry (thats what it feels like anyway).

Went back to Shepton Mallett for the VMCC jumble. with Huw and Dave in Huws Mk2 Golf. A real survivor, its got less than 40k on it. Like a little time machine:-
I bought nowt at the jumble, but bought a 1930 Ariel engine when I got back from a mate in Swindon.

Went skating at Prevail Skatehouse in Poole. Cracking skatepark with a nice bowl. The drop in is around the 5ft mark, which is kind of my comfort limit, but its great fun.

Trev riding his 44" Sims Taperkick:-

And last weekend was the Vintage Festival in Swindon, where there were some interesting cars and stuff:-