Friday, 16 September 2011

Long Overdue Update...

Since I got a FB account its far too easy to do that and forget Blogger - but here goes.

Been busy since June. Very busy.

Bought a new old bike:-

Went to Kemble Airshow:-

Went skatin in Hamburg:-

Bought a surfboard (so far unused):-

Did Deaner Day:-

Went to the Tour of Dean and Annual Rally:-

Went on holiday to Croyde:-

Went to Holland twice in one week:-

And finally a business trip to Greenville, South Carolina:-

Also saw the Dickies in Bristol, skated MSN, Glastonbury and Dorchester. And Cretesham of course. And other random stuff. Hardly done any Bristol skoots:-(

Don't feel like I've skated much this year. Not used the DoomRamp since June but winter is round the corner. Not been MTBing since last New Year but I have been swimming for the first time since I was 15.

More later...