Friday, 30 December 2011

Carburettor Lore

As I said in an earlier post - the throttle stop screw threads in the carb body would be knackered. And lo, it came to pass. Feckin great.

I have carb spares (as most old bike riders do), including a spare 276 carb body. So I dug it out, checked the threads (yeah, surprised aren't you) and got the poking wire and ultrasonic cleaner off the shelf.

Replacement 276 carb body being cleaned:-

I stripped the old 276 carb so all the settings are right in the new one. My 276 carb in bits:-

Replacing the brass carb block in the body I managed to split the bottom threads.....

Plan B - oversized screw into throttle stop on original carb body - recut the threads by forcing the screw in a bit at a time. Job done.

Bodged but working - welcome to the real world of old bikes.

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