Monday, 19 December 2011

1913 Ariel TT

First day of my holidays and I failed to get up to go swimming. But I didn't fail to do some spannering.

My TT Ariel has always leaked oil onto the drive belt, which is a really bad thing if you want forward motion. Huw had investigated and found a breather hole in similar crankcases to mine, so I thought I'd take a look and give the old girl a quick check-up before getting an MOT.

This is the timing chest with the cams removed - the big brass plug below the crank pinion is the breather.

There is a hole directly below it, which on my bike was plugged with a cheeseheaded screw. This is it without the screw blocking the hole:-

Now, I can't really tell if its breathing through this hole with the timing cover open. I poked a wire up the hole and there wasn't anything blocking it. Refitting the timing gear and sealing the case and I can hear the engine beathing from the hole - wonder if it'll make any difference. Only time will tell.

Timing cover and cams:-

I also replaced the Brammer belt with the T-link belt I used before.

My garage is too full:-

One you drink, one removes gaskets - you choose.

A 1913 gearbox:-


  1. Nice post Tone, but are you sure that last pic is of a gearbox?

  2. Yup is how you change gear on a single speed belt driven bike - the spanner and hammer are to loosen the big nut on the crankshaft pulley, which is adjustable, and the screwdriver and pliers are for removing a link from the drive belt - therefore you have a range of gears;-)