Saturday, 22 October 2011


Had some time in the garage today. Rearranged the bikes so I can get to the 1928 Ariel and make some progress.

Swapped out the kickstart-less Burman Q box with the one I rebuilt (with a kick start):-

This is the old one (no kickstart). Got to take the clutch off this for the other box.:-

The 1928 Ariel ohv engine is back on the bench and I'm going to try to get it finished this time:-

A couple of pics for Beales - some of the fleet:-

The old 1954 Velo I had off Den. Must of had it 15 years now. Done a fair few miles on this old un:-

And the 38 Ariel Red Hunter 500 I got off Welch. I've been using this for a fair long while too. Complete with temporary Stealth tank (BBQ paint works a treat):-

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  1. how-do there,

    I stumbled upon your blog whilst out on the ol' devil's highway, trying to look up anything I could find about a Ariel 500 Bobber 1951 KH Twin, and must say, I am enjoying me sen righteously! I'm a rapidly approaching middle-aged skateboarder whom can't ignore the fact that the world of motorbikes seems to have sunk it's oily teeth well and truly into me, and I seem to becoming obsessed with things I know absolutely nothing about! so it goes...anyhoos, I was looking up said Ariel, as there is such a machine up for grabs on evil-bay (nice, very appropriate term by the way) currently, and although I am less than a novice in such matters, it seems to be a lot of bike for the dough...? I dunno, I have no idea what I'm on about, but I want feels exactly like it did when my brother bought me a copy of Thrasher back in 1995 (I was 13 at the time) and I poured over that strange, seemingly secretive world, trying to figure out just how the hell those sketchy looking dudes could jump in the air with their boards and so on...that's what this budding bike obsession is beginning to feel like...mannn, I've waffled on somewhat, sorry, I was only meaning to say hello, and that I'm diggin' reading about your bike/board ventures, and if you ever want to get in touch and let me pick your brains for every scrap of mechanical knowledge I can, please can find me here - (Motorhead & skatties feature prominently!)
    I can offer d.i.y. concrete ramp building and sketchy screen-printing knowledge in return!
    cheers & cheerio. - Dave