Monday, 25 April 2011


The mini is finished and ready to rock. Walls are painted white, which should show the blood nicely.

Had my first proper roll there today - first pumping up the transition from the flat just to see how it rides. Been a while since I've had to do that, since I learned to drop in anyways. Managed a few sketchy kickturns a way up the transition but it rides pretty well. I was a bit concerned that the middle section isn't the best join but it makes no difference.

So, time to drop in - there is more head clearance at the far end of the garage so I tried that first. Drop, accelerate, bloody hell!! Dropping in - no problem, being fired at the other transition like a bastard cannon ball - a tad more difficult. Fookin fast as fast. Kinell.

It'll make me a better skater or kill me.

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