Friday, 20 March 2015

This n That

Had a couple of days off so Ive been working on the van and the bikes.

Done an oil change and a bit more welding. Underseal going on (me and the VW...).

While I was waiting for oil to drain I cracked on with my 50's Ariel frame. Welded a bead around the head races to get them out
And fixed the broken seat bracket
Slowly getting the hang of this welding lark. 
Next was the Fantic rear brake. How it was:-
The previous owner was using the bike on the road so had forward pegs. Bit of cutting with my faithful angle grinder:-
Then weld it back together:-
Of course it wasnt that simple. The pedal is hollow so I blew a hole in it and had to plate it. Now back on the bike:-
Felt like a summers day:-
Of course the VW is now refusing to start and blowing fuses.

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