Sunday, 1 March 2015

Fantic Fettling

Did a few jobs on the Fantic today.

First off was to fit a kill switch and tidy away the lights wiring to under the tank:-
After a bit of fannying around I figured out which wire was which. Works a treat.

The front brake had been modified, so I decided to go back to original. This is how it was with the brake arm forward:-
 And the cable running in front of the fork leg:-
And how it should be :-
There is actually a hole for the cable in the lower fork yokes:-
Far neater and less likely to get twatted by rocks and trees.

Fitted some new grips and a number board too.
Would have changed the fork dust seals cos the old ones are cracking but I found that my forks are actually 35mm not the 32mm I was expecting so the covers I got at Telford don't fit.

Got a few more jobs to do - change the rear tyre, modify the rear brake pedal, but its rideable now.

Keeping my sponsors happy :-)