Saturday, 6 July 2013

Binna Rong Time

Since I did owt on this blog, so here goes yet another update:-

Been out and about a lot. Went to Switzerland, which was shite, but mainly Tilbury, Great Yarmouth and Pembroke.

The Pembroke job has allowed me to get in a lot more surf time, cos I need time in the water to improve. Now I'm catching bigger waves I find I'm not popping up quickly enough. Need to figure out this sitting on the board lark too.


And Coney Beach at Porthcawl:-

My first time at Coney and it turned out to be a good un. Nice waves but more crowded that I am used to. And I was a bit shagged out after battling with the Newgale froth.

Been out doing the stuntplank with Bob, Wayner, Ricker and the Cretesham Boyos, also used the DoomRamp a lot more:-

Sunny Cretesham 2:-

Even managed to have a decent slam, twatting my knee, elbow and wrist all in one go:-

Went to TankFest as well, which was good but bloody hot:-

I've fixed up the old 1930 Ariel now - all back together and running. Need to put a few miles on the old girl before I head off to Ireland in August (and change the ancient back tyre too).

About a month ago I saw a push bike in a skip. It looked OK so I asked if I could have it. Gave it a wash, wiped off the caked on oil and crud and rode it to work the next day:-

The legendary 5-speed Raleigh Pacer. The tyres could be better but hold air so I'll leave it til they fall apart. Just needs some handlebar tape. Total cost - about 3 quid. Bargain! Check out the old skool lighting rig.

So bang up to date - today its ferking boiling and I have free time so I rode the SkipRacer into Swindon, did a bit of browsing round the charidee shops and bought some records:-

A motley collection indeed but I like em. The Van Halen 12" is as good as new.

I even rode up to Old Town, which on the SkipRacer is like a Category 1 climb on the Tour de France. In Old Town there is a good off-licence, so I got a couple of bottles for later:-

And now its decision time - into the garage and get fettling the old nails, go out for a ride on the 30, or head up to the DoomRamp for a roll in a boiling hot garage....hmmm....or do fuck all.

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