Tuesday, 21 February 2012

SBEDF - Day 21 - New Territory

In a change to the scheduled programme I took a look at Harlow Skatepark on my way back from Great Yarmouth.

Its a nice wee park - the first picture, bad though it is, shows the streety bit looking from above the bowled out corner. I had some fun looping round it. Plenty of curved bit and bowled out bits.

And this is the bowl, which looked OK but I wussed out of trying it mainly due to the 100mile drive ahead of me.There was only one other person there, a local kid called Andy. His opening gambit was `Are you sponsored?', followed by a better attempt with `Do you want a beer?'. So we chatted for a bit and skooted round the park. He did manage to fit in the old favourite `Can you do a kickflip?' before I left tho. Seemed like a good kid but with nowt to do.

So, onwards into the 20s - tomorrow is either Cretesham if its dry or the DoomRamp if wet.

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