Friday, 10 February 2012

SBEDF - Day 10 - Feck Off Snow!!

Snow....hmmm. Feeling like shite....yup. Must be a garage day again then. Feels more like Skate Badly Every Day in a dimly lit damp garage on me jack. Ah well.

So, can of KX (sugar fee of course) and I'm more wide awake than I've been all day. Rollin back and forth and tappy turns higher and higher. Feelin good. Loads of droppin in and some semblance of balance on the other side. More in control than before, still jumping off tho. Slowly feeling better. Getting to know my old Flip Burnquist with the smashed in nose (too many deck to wall interfaces at Unit 1). Hawkwind on the iplod. Lights better than they've been the last few times. Feeling good (as well as the aforementioned shite o'course, but you know what I mean).

New lighting plan - gonna buy a small generator tomorrow and some halogens. Probably set my hair on fire or electrocute myself but at least it'll be bright in the garage.

Hoping to do some outdoor this weekend sometime. New park in Faringdon looks interesting.


  1. hawkwind, ramps in dimly lit garages & no all sound just about Perfect! keep up the good work...