Monday, 6 February 2012

SBEDF - Day 6 - DoomRamp Redux

So its wet and miserable in Swindon - no change there then. Undercover or indoor choices are limited, so its back to the (lower) east side and into the garage again.

No daylight this time so rechargeable strip lights only. Quite enjoyed rolling back and forth until one of the lights went out......then another. OK. Time to call it a day but I got 45mins of rampage in and felt better about it than yesterday. Maybe SBEDF is working...?

The iPlod chose an odd selection - Dead Kennedys followed by The Doors then Deep Purple. Looks like its only shuffling the D's but it seemed to work.

Tomorrow...? Praying for some dryness so I can do a skateboard in the open air. Or I might try the works multi afterhours - but I'm expecting the security guards to be humourless. Might be worth a go though.

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