Sunday, 5 February 2012

SBEDF - Day 5 - DoomRamp

After the arctic Cretesham experience of Saturday, today was relatively balmy at a damp +3degC. Swindon had received a covering of snow as forecast so outdoor was off-limits, which only really leaves one option - The DoomRamp.

Now me and the DoomRamp don't quite see eye-to-eye. I bought the makings of the ramp off Ebay about this time last year, then it sat in bits in my garden until I got a council garage to put it in (which now costs me over £40 a month). I reskinned it and its been operational since about April 2011. And I've used it about 4 times...but really SBEDF is an attempt to get to love the DoomRamp a bit more.

Thing is, its fairly tight in the garage and I'm a fairly novice skater. I can drop in on it but it all goes wrong on the other side. There ain't really any room for error, which of course I am quite adept at making.

So today I spent most of the hour pumping back and forth and doing the occasional turn. A few drop-ins but the lighting ain't great when its daylight outside so mostly pumping and turning. And OK I started to quite enjoy it and was feeling the pump and getting close to the coping.

But it would be much better in a less confined space. So, any of you Swindon locals reading this - if you have, or know of, a bigger space I could use, or rent, then please let me know. Decent lighting or mains electricity and preferably not damp would be best. The other side of the deal is that you can use the ramp any time you like - its a 2 1/2ft high, 6ft wide mini with about 8ft flat bottom. If I'm honest I much prefer skating with company than on my own anyway.

Let me know either email ( or via the blog or Facebook.

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