Wednesday, 29 February 2012

SBEDF - Day 29 - Reflections on a Sunny Day

So, its here at last - the final day of Skate Badly Every Day in February

Off to Cretesham for a sesh with Scoob and DM.

Turned out to be a nice evening. Started on the dropping in from 50-50 and as usual all was not right, but we know how to sort that out so a couple of assisted goes on DMs barge followed by twenty minutes of successful solo attempts then a transfer onto my Sector 9 pool board, and lots and lots of successful solo attempts. Just got to move onto the Creature deck and we're in business.

Two of the many:-

Was it worth it? I've had snow twice, some rain, used the DoomRamp a lot more, learned to enjoy solo skoots in a car park, really enjoyed skating with people, learned a few things. Yes it was definitely worth it. Now I can rest my aching legs for a bit and plan what to do in April. Ollies maybe?

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