Friday, 24 February 2012

SBEDF - Day 24 - Cretesham

So, Day 24. And its dry. So a Cretesham after work.

The usual mix of bladers, BMXicans and skooterists, with me and Dangermouse on stunt planks.

Now for the last few months I've tried in vain to 50-50 dropin on the most mellow of transitions with no joy. Its been very frustrating for me, and those poor sods forced to watch the pantomime in motion. I have developed a gay right foot so keep jumping off and I can't break the habit. After yet another round of fuckin it up DM decided it was time to hold hands - and it worked - 50-50 dropins were nailed, admittedly on DMs huge 40" board but nailed none the less.

Well chuffed. Cheers Jus. You're a star mate (might need to repeat the process for the short board but I reckon we're there).

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