Saturday, 18 February 2012

SBEDF - Day 18 - Campus-tastic

So, Day 18 - in a change from the norm I went to Campus in Bristol, the only proper indoor park in the area. Bobster and Ricker were out to play, with Ricks youngster Noah on his Ripstik.

It has a nice 4ft mini:-

And a sportshall full of stuff:-

So I had a skoot around in the sportshall, dropping in on the little 2 1/2ft quarters, even managed to get back up onto one of them a few times.

Then into the main hall and dropping in on the 4ft mini - which is about all I can do. Probably once I got used to the speed, things should be less frantic at the other side. Maybe next time.

Here is Ricker and Bob showing me how it should be done:-

So, onwards to Day 19 - probably a return to the DoomRamp, then Great Yarmouth next week.

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