Saturday, 14 June 2014

Yeah Its Dubs Again

In the ongoing saga that is my 1972 VW Bay Window we are still trying to remove the rear hub carrier to change the wheel bearings. Three out of four bolts gave in with a minor struggle, the last one resolutely holding out.

So I brought in the tag team:-

The results of a two hour battle included setting welding gloves on fire and fixing a shagged air tool, the offending bolt head has been mostly removed. Just need a gentle caress with my Powerfile and a few twats with my biggest hammer and we should be back in business.

In order to add a bit of disorder, here are a few shots of my garage:-

Looking out towards my Bay on the drive, Velocette and Ariels in the foreground

Looking on from the main door. Surfboards and motorbikes.

1938 Ariel, which works, and below the surfboard (ideal for a beginner, well battered but for sale if anyone wants it), is a 1928 Ariel and a 1953 Ariel, both projects. Sneaking into the picture bottom right is the tank and frame of a 1920 Ariel project.

 Still hibernating - my 1913 Ariel TT model.

1930 Ariel and 1954 Velocette MAC - both in good order (no, really..).

Where the...erm...magic happens...arf arf.

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