Monday, 2 June 2014

Nostalgia - It Ain't What It Used To Be...

Took a look at the Vintage Nostalgia Show near Warminster on Saturday. It was a nice day, the sun shone and there was cake. A pretty good show all in all. Some pics:-

Let there be cake. And there was cake:-

Let there be Volkswagens. And there was Volkswagens:-

Let there be hotrods. And there was hotrods:-

Let there be random classic cars, scooters and water pistols. And....yeah, you guessed it...

There was even Tiger Moths:-

All in all a good day out. Reckon I might do the weekend next year if the van is fixed up by then (which it will be...).

In Van News, I have two shagged sets of rear hub bearings. To get at them I need to remove the 46mm nut on the end of the stub axles, something which VW clearly employed blue arsed Baboons to flog up back in Wolfsburg. The results of the preliminary investigation:-

Also went skating in Tetbury. A nice mellow bowl, and the sun was shining so I went by Velocette:-

The bowl:-

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