Sunday, 8 June 2014

Fun With Dubs - Shagged Rear Hub Bearings

Imagine my amusement as I struggled to find out why the handbrake cables wouldn't adjust up only to find that both rear wheel bearing are sloppy. Laugh? I nearly shat.

So, the major problem, at first anyway, is to get the 46mm nut off the stub axle. Two tommy bars bit the dust before I enlisted the services of an air impact gun. even that couldn't shift them though so I sent for the cavalry - Plus Gas and a hot air gun. That sorted them out - resistance is futile.

The drive shaft, brake drum and internals came off easily, and the hub was no trouble

The brake backing plate has seen better days so I will replace it. I have a new slave cylinder to fit too. Of course the nut on the end of the brake line was solid so that section of brake line needs replacing too. Oh good.

I got as far as loosening the hub carrier bolts - I got three loose but one isn't having it. I have left them soaking in penetrating fluid and will see how it goes next time. Now to order some (more) bits....

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