Thursday, 3 July 2014


Been busy again.

Went up to Teesside to see my Mother. Had a day out in York while we were there. Ain't been to York for 30-odd years.

The wimmin went into the Minster:-

But I couldn't be arsed with that so I had tea and cake here:-
Then I went for a walk through one of the gated streets:-
And bought this in a funky record shop I found:-
On the Sunday we went to Seaham to see a new monument to the survivors of WW1. Its an all welded Tommy and while it don't look too big from the road, its a good 12-15ft high when you get up close and theres some great detail:-

Along with rebooting my Northerness I also restocked in brown beer while I was there:-

Fun and games continues with the VW. The shagged rear wheel bearings I found turned out to be fine, but I had them out and washed and regreased ready for reassembly:-
Of course I snapped a brakeline taking it all apart so I made a new one:-

The other inhabitants of my garage:-


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