Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sunday at The `Sham

Sunday morning session with Wayne, Muttley and Ben down Corsham way. At long last the sun shone. After the traditional sweep of the detritus left behind by Corshams finest I had a really nice skate. Trying hard to carve into turns rather than just go up and down, which seems to improve matters a lot. Need more speed now. A few mini manuals and an attempt or two at ollies sealed a good morning. Still can't drop in though.
Wayne opened his tricks bag and seemed to be really flowing. Muttley is sickeningly smooth and makes grinds look so casual. Ben was ripping as well and had the Slam of the Day award when his trucks hooked up on the big ramp while rock fakieing and he hit the deck with a bang. He bounced back though. No damage done.

Muttley (nice shoes):-

Gaffer trickin for the camera while Ben chews his hand off:-

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