Sunday, 9 August 2009

Ariel Owners Club Annual Rally

This weekend was the Ariel Club Annual Rally in Alsager, Cheshire. I headed up there on Thursday on the 38 VH. The rally basically resolved into a three day drinking session with Wajs and Rollins with guest appearances by Squelchy and Nige and numerous others. Its all a bit vague. Bloody great weekend all in all. Heres a few snaps...

Andy and Janey Waj enjoying the sunshine before the onset of heavy drinking:-

Let There Be Motorbikes:-

You will respect mah authoritah - Officer Partridge heads out on patrol

Ere - I've got one like that Mister

Care in the Community:-

A strange Brummie bloke:-

Huge thanks to all of the Organising Committee and everyone who came along and enjoyed themselves.

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