Monday, 31 August 2009

Newport and `Sham 1 and 2

Busy weekend on the skate front - Saturday was the Kill City Jam at Newport Skatepark. Mega busy so not much skating done by me but Gaffer, Bob and the Brizzle boys had a good roll. Will deffo look in there when its quieter. Superb park.

Sunday morning saw me scooting round Corsham accomplishing nothing. Still haven't recovered my drop-ins. Depression was erased by visiting the beer festival in Wroughton that evening. We even won the pub quiz with a shocking score of 18 / 50.

Monday plans were mixed but we ended up at Melksham and I had a nice roll around the Skatelite park with Bob, Muttley and assorted youngsters, managing to dissipate the clouds left by the beer festival.

A good weekend.

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