Monday, 30 May 2011

1928 Ariel Gearbox

After riding Welchys 1926 Ariel in Ireland I'm keen to start making progress with my 1928. I've only had it since 1996 so really theres a few more years before it needs to be ready...

So, I made a huge project plan with all the jobs listed. And theres quite a lot to do.

First off - gearbox - the kickstart casing needs repairing and the whole thing needs assembling and sealing up. Its actually a 1929 Burman box (with speedo drive) but I have a sports ratio gear set that will not fit the 28 box so it'll do.

So, there is a broken bit on the kickstart casing - now bodged with a strip of ally and some Araldite - its in a place that can't be seen so should be OK. Note use of not one but two sets of Moleys.
This is the gearbox with the endcover off. Physically quite small.

These pics also make me realise I need to tidy up.

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