Friday, 17 July 2009

Shaping the Future from the Past

Day off work today and its p*ssing it down outside. So, I decided to modify an old well thrashed (not by me) Caballero Dragon and Bats deck into something a bit more new skool. This is the deck:-

Basically I ride a Flip Bob Burnquist deck which seems a bit long after the Flip Geoff Rowley deck I started with but the width is good. So I thought I'd cut up the Cab deck into a new school shape, using the Burnquist deck for width and the Rowley deck as a template for truck placement.

This is the Burnquist deck coupling with the Cab deck. Hoping for some nice offspring...

New tail shape. Still going to be a bit raggy:-

New skool/old skool - the reshaped Cab:-

What I will hopefully end up with is a quite short wide deck. Its shorter than the Rowley mainly because I got a bit carried away with the jigsaw. Wheelbase will be same as the Rowley, which is an inch or so shorter than the Burnquist.

Unfortunately the Cab deck is pretty flat and whatever concave there was has fallen victim to Mr Jigsaw. So, an attempt to add some concave to the deck (note the use of valve spring compressors as G-clamps):-

More later....


  1. Nice work. Some might say sacrilege, but it's only an old thrashed deck.
    Those Bonite decks went a bit 'soggy' with age though.

  2. Soggy with age?!!?!! They went blwydi soggy if you breathed on em!

    You need to do a pointy death shape Tony mate...

  3. Bugger. You've all found me. Was thinking more like a sweary punk theme than a pointy death shape. Pointy death is so last year....