Sunday, 8 February 2015

Trials and Tribulations

I've had trials bikes on and off since I was 14. Always Bultacos, but the last one was a change of direction with a 2003 Gasgas 250, which was nice but under used. I've always hankered back to Bultacos.

So, after some years of pestering by Heath, and two trips to the off road show at Telford, I gave in. I was looking for a late Bultaco when this Fantic came along:-

It was too good a deal to miss and yesterday a very nice man delivered it to Heaths place near Weston Super Mare.

It is an early 80s Fantic 200, in fact a 156cc 2-stroke Minarelli engine. It was THE bike to have back in the day.

Needs a bit of fettling, and the tyres changing, but its good to go. First job was to put the footrests back to where they should be. Road pegs :-

Returned to their rightful place:-

Looking forward to getting out on it. Bug thanks to Lee and Heath.

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