Monday, 5 May 2014

Vans and Motocross

Been doing the usual shite.

Fettling continues on the VW camper. The brakes now work thanks to the new servo and master cylinder. Bleeding them was the usual chore.

The steering box now has new seals and no leaks.

There seems to be some of the electrical bits not working now though. Investigation revealed a shagged horn:-

In other news I managed to get a surf in at Porthcawl. Nice waves til I realised I had drifted down the beach and had to climb out on the rocks. Was well knackered by the time I dragged myself out.

Rode over to Yatton Keynell on the 1930 Ariel to watch a vintage motocross. Loads of nice bikes, the latest being air cooled monos:-

Bultaco Pursang

A family of Maicos

The line up for practice:-

Great to see old bikes being thrashed.

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