Friday, 22 February 2013


So I'm 46. Been skating about 4 years. Can skoot about a bit, the odd axle stall and stuff. But theres a couple of things I want/need to learn:-

1. Frontside kick turns. Yeah, I know - basics. But I've never bothered to relearn them since I started skating again and now I'm finding that backside everything is limiting. I can frontside carve after a fashion but I don't have a `get-outta-jail' frontside kickturn.

2. Ollies. Probably going to be the hardest thing ever to learn. I kinda know how to do them, but knowing and doing are two different things. There were no ollies when I was a kid. Any tips/advice appreciated.

I'll report back from A&E as I progress...


  1. Happy days - Nicholl

    1. it took me forever to learn to ollie, and it then only clicked after watching a mate do a few ollies in the flesh...that's the way I someone jumping right there in front of you and the whole science of it turns into physical reality that the brain can comprehend better...that's my word anyways...the iron 'oss's are looking ace!

  2. I've done bugger all about the ollie-ing thing Dave, but I reckon you're right. And oddly the thing I don't do enough is jump so the board can actually rise.