Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Mini Mal(function)

Bent the fin on my mini mal while I was in Cornwall a couple of weeks ago. I not only snapped the tail fin but pulled out a fin plug too.

In the box of bits that came with the board I found a tube of Solarez - UV curing resin.

The glass round the hole had split in places so I though I'd best fix that first.

The clingfilm lets you work the resin into the damaged area then leaves it glassy smooth. It only took five minutes for the resin to set once it was out in the sun light.

Next I got out the Black and Decker Powerfile and filed the fin plug back so it would go into the hole without snagging. I filed a lot of grooves in the plug as well so the resin had something to grip to.

I'd bought a new set of fins to replace the broken one:-

All that was needed was to fill the hole half full with Solarez, apply some to the fin plug and push it home using the new fin to make sure the plug was lined up:-

Once it had set I removed the fin, sanded the repair back a bit and put another coat of resin on to make sure there were no holes.

Ready for action this weekend.

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