Thursday, 6 September 2012

Rant #1

So I'm in Oxfam in Royal Wooton Bassett. I like charity shops and spend a fair bit in them, and donate a fair bit too. Oxfam always has vinyl records so I'm looking through what they've got. I find this:-

Sleeve looks reasonable, bit worn round the edges. The record is well scraped. Not even sure it would play properly but if it did there'd be a fair few `character' clicks and pops. Oxfam wants £9.99.

Nine pounds fuckin 99!! For a shagged record!! Now if it was a couple of quid I might have taken a chance but nearly a tenner. Sorry. No.

Oxfam - listen up - you get all of this stuff donated and I appreciate that you want to raise money, but stop using the Record Collectors Guide and pricing records as Mint when they clearly ain't anywhere near. You lost a sale from me cos instead of taking a chance for a couple or three quid I went home and bought it offa Ebay for only a little bit more and it was pristine.

End of rant.

(Ain't that the best 80's record sleeve ever?)

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  1. Love that sleeve but I love SSS, saw them live at the infamous Reading Uni gig. I have the box sleeve album somewhere. Kinda wish I hadn't thrown out mu Elvis 1990 t-shirt now.