Saturday, 23 June 2012

1920 Airy-ole

Been a while since I posted anything so here goes with a double blog.

First off I need to get the crankcases on my 1920 Ariel welded cos the metal moths have been at them. To do this I need to get the engine out of the frame, and then strip the engine.

Sounds easy, hey.

This is the Ariel as it is at the moment:-

Not quite a complete motorcycle, although I do have forks, makings of wheels, mudguards, seat and most of the other bits I need.

Now the engine in this bike has never turned in my ownership, and I suspect that its been sat in water or on something damp for a fair long while. Most of the bolts have freed up well but two of the lower studs holding the crankcases in the frame are seized and no amount of heat, hammering or general angryness will budge them.

So, out with the big drill:-

Even after drilling most of the stud out and more hammer and heat action the bloody thing still won't budge. So I left it full of WD40 and will wait to see whether it frees up or if I need to drill right through.

More to follow....


  1. WD40? Is that any good? What about Plus Gas?

  2. No its shite. I couldn't find my can of Plus Gas so WD40 had to do fer now.