Thursday, 8 July 2010

Stop The World....

Busy again.

Bit of a skate with Bob at the Deaner followed by `An Introduction to Street Skating' with Jim, Dave and SamJebusSonofGod which basically mean't watching cos I can't skate street.
Coupla rolls at Cretesham, one with Gaffer.

Off to Nothumberland with the Ariel on a trailer for the Gathering - top weekend with some great riding, beer, talking bollocks, beer, eating pies, beer - and I won a trophy - Best Post Vintage. T'was a fluke. Honest.
Sqwelch adjusting mappage (Ariel W/NG):-

1920s AJS 500, Raleigh 500 and a swing arm Ariel SQ4

And the rare and lovely Liver Pie (cunningly designated with a pastry `L' so as not to be confused with chicken pies which look outwardly similar, and are designated with a pastry `C'. Makes after beer pie eating a far less haphazard affair):-

The it was off to Essen once again for a week with the Germans. Managed to watch some football and have a skate at the Essen Kray skatepark, which was excellent. A load of blokes turned up from Dusseldorf - imagine my surprise when I bought a copy of Monster Skateboard Magazine in the airport to find them all in there. They weren't shabby skaters mind.

Their blog:-

Monster Skateboard is a bit like a German Sidewalk - not too bad really:-

And the Essen Kray park, now well graffitti'd:-


  1. Haha what are the chances of those Intus boyos having a video with footage of The Deaner, Stockwell etc on their blog?

    Rad stuff

    Learnt a new word today B├╝rgersteig is German for Sidewalk

  2. Oh, not sure about Liver Pie mind...