Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Ariel Bits

Started to take a few bits off the 1928 sidevalve engine I got off Evilbay. The plan was to use some of the bits to complete the 1928 ohv engine I've been building since time began. Turns out theres some good stuff on the engine:-

Engine shaft shock absorber

Complete with all the right bits including the spacer on the engine side. The spring looks a bit skanky but it might be OK.
Timing cover including all the bits (oil pump and valve lifter mechanism)

Just needs a good clean bit its better than the one I intended to use. No damage at all and all the bits are there. Even the camshaft is looking good although I've got a proper lumpy cam for the ohv engine.

The barrel needs a bit of work - the exhaust pipe fitting is damaged and theres a small crack on the casting near the exhaust valve guide. The bore looks good though so its useable. No damage or tramlining that I can see. Fins on top of the barrel are a bit thin. The barrel is a blind casting - no detachable cylinder head - its all one piece, just as it should be for 1928.
The bottom end seems to be OK. Theres no play in the big end and the crank rotates OK. Probably split the cases and change the main bearing before using. Its only a tenner to buy a new one. The timing side bearing is a bush.
All in all I'm pleased with it. Not bad for 150 quid.

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