Saturday, 3 April 2010


A couple of months ago I won a Benjyboard off EBay. As ever, it looked a lot better in the photos than in reality.

So, wet Easter Saturday, mild hangover due to meeting up with Hong Kong Dave last night, time to dismantle the Benji and try some, ahem, `restoration'.

Had to saw off the bolts to get the trucks off:-

Trucks are Tracker but not sure if they're Midtrack or Fultrack. Oddly there was an additional wooden riser as well as the standard deck one under each truck.

Heres the deck with the trucks off. Its taken a fair few knocks in its life:-

The underside is cleaner than the top.

Heres the top of the deck with the grip tape removed. Now you can see what colour it should be:-

The Benjyboard logo:-

So I started to sand the deck to tidy it up a bit. The edges are coming up really nice. Think I'll have a fair bit to do on the nose though. And I'm not sure how to preserve the logo - it'll need to be sanded to clean it up but I don't want to destroy it.
The wheels are 1st generation Star-Trac Kryptonics in bottle green. 70mm I think. They have also had a fair old bit of use and the outer part of the wheel had faded to an amber colour. You can still see the lovely translucent green in the core though:-


  1. Looking good so far.

    Mids = 86mm
    Fuls = 106mm

  2. Sweet ride
    Bro-in law has that one, with ACS580's and rubbish wheels
    Re Logo, Sharpie Pen ;-)