Sunday, 20 September 2009

Busy week

Started off with heatrate tests at Little Barford Power Station, then a presentation to Kings Lynn Power Station on Wednesday.

Thursday evening was a Filton sesh with Bob, Joe, Jesus and Jerome. I tried out these little monkeys for the first time:-

Got em off Slammer off MAS and Jebus they're quick. Much faster than my Rictas and faster than I can cope with at the mo.

Saturday was the unveiling of Alans restored Ariel Leader so it was champers and food round his house. Hes wanted one of these since 1962 - and now hes got one. Nice looking bike:-

Then to round it off, Cretesham on Sunday with Wayne. Managed to regain my drop-ins again, but only on the 2ft transition. Better than nowt though and a step in the right direction. A nice roll in the sunshine despite me being half asleep most of the time.

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